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Polybook - lavabear

Hello and welcome :) 

I've just started learning Blender again and would like to use this space to record my overall progress. My main interest for now is animation (hope to find other animation comrades here to study together) but I do wish to check out other topics as well.  Subscription seems a tad bit expensive for me so just a trial version for now but I really like what I see so far. :)

*Currently testing waters in Blender Animation Bootcamp

  • Animate a Circular Path - my first exercise in Blender Animation Bootcamp. Excited to learn more :)

  • Getting that cube rolling :) 

    Although I wasn't able to find the option "only insert available" in the preferences of 2.80, the animation still looks fine to me :-? 

    Now, time to get back to Animation Bootcamp!

  • Working on some animation exercises :)

    I had some trouble inserting additional keys with E (really not sure why... )  on the first exercise but I think I got it now (hopefully).

     The second exercise looked a bit more difficult but once I got out my "never used" tablet and drew my own bounce path instead of counting frames to align it to the instructor's video ( I know... ), it got much easier. I hope it's at least ok (still waiting for a review). :)