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UV Sphere Cartoon Character: Eyeholes or Eye identation? How I Make Eyelids? And how associate UV Spheres for a good Animation?

Hello everybody,

I want to make a cartoon character from UV Spheres in Blender 2.8. I have problems inserting my eyes.

I do not know what is better to animate later.

Eye socket (indentation) or holes for the eyes?

Depending on the animation, eyelids should be added.

The eyes of UV Spheres should slightly protrude from the body UV Sphere.

How can I cut out the part of the body UV Sphere that is in the eye? (How i can cut an area in a loop in anatoher object?)

How can I shape an indentation based on the shape and size of the eye?

The feet are also UV Sphere which overlap the body UV Sphere. How do I associate these with the Body UV Sphere?

About instructions and links to corresponding learning videos, I am very happy.

Thanks and nice weekend

PS: How would you model and rig the eyepart (Hole and Lids?) and legpart?

PS: What should I watch to learn this?

  • Hello Lafis,

    I share your ambition to animate. I would strongly advise you to invest the time and watch The concepts are solid even if the version of Blender is a little older.

    I spent many hours just watching this course and learning what goes into a character like this. I have plans to go back and actually create the project. If you want, you can skip to lessons that interest you like the eyes or how to make a custom rig. I noticed that all of the parts to your UV Sphere character were assembled in Edit Mode which made them one object. You will have better control over your character's eyes if they are separate objects.

    I hope this is a good starting point for you.