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Need some help with sculpting

Hello guys

so i decided to rest a few days from animation and wanted to create a human character.
its been long since i sculpted and i had to get back into it but as you will be able to see i run in problems .
i know i runned in one problem before but dont know anymore what is causing that .
1: as you can see i have dynopo on but somehow my geometry isnt looking anything good when i keep adding clay with the clay brush (i did this in front view to try add a nose)
somehow things went really wrong (nope i wont make a pinoccio xD but i agree it looks like it at this point haha)
2: even trough i only have mirror X on when i used the clay brush in front not only did the topology looked bad . the backside is also affected.
i really hope someone can help me out to get back into it :)
this is how it looks