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Help with fully rigged models

I’m looking for fully rigged models of a female I can play with, animate, test, learn walk cycles and other actions for a female character.

I wish to a thin model (less controls) that is done with rigify, where the face bones are fully rigged.

I actually didn’t find any neither paid nor free.
I cannot find any that correspond to my needs. If you can help it’ll be just great.

I found some nice models but they didn’t correspond to my needs. Either I could not actually use them with Blender properly - that is either it was with Autorig Pro or they didn’t display the Rig Layers window.

If you wish to learn more details about what I found and what worked and didn’t… it is listed below. Now, I’ll get back to my questions:

1. Do you know open sources or else two find models with a solid rigs done with rigify or at least that display after download the RigLayers option?

2. Do you know how to display the RigLayers window and/or how to regenerate a rig from another rig which doesn’t display the RigLayers option.

Thanks for advance…

and if you need more information to grasp my quest:

1. The models I found fully rigged properly were Sintel, Min, Mike. From and Autorig pro respectively. The last two were done with Autorig Panel and I decided to stick to a certain work flow in particular as  as Rigify offers much more online information which is a big issue as a novice. (it wasn't the 20$ price that detered me).

Sintel is beauty but has many issues with Cycles. It seems from various comments that these problems are from 2015. So I wish to avoid.

I purchased two models, but had a bad experience. Not a top mesh and rig… the worse as a novice was to invest tine to learn that it wasn’t my fault (ex: were made on Blender Internal, had too issues with Cycle, face was done with 2D texture and not actual mesh+rig, etc').

I looked for others resources (about 5) but was less than confident from the clarifications i got from the authers.

As for the Rig Layers tab. In most cases it didn’t display with the downloaded models I found. I tried to rerun the scripts (when I could access them…), I looked at discussions, I tried an Add-on (Beorn Leonard ) and one other online Phyton script… it didn’t help.

I note that the RigLAyers tab is displayed in many other cases. Other models (with too many flaws) that I downloaded or when I CTRL+A Armature/generate rig or in cases when I had to rerun the script and it worked.

I also copy the action from one rig to another… without brilliant results. That is from a given model to a model I generated and that do display the Rig Layers tab.
While I followed the path showed in some tutorial, I didn’t do it before and thus, cannot tell with confidence that I did it right.

My conclusion was to rig it myself… But this is an art in itself and I wish to learn animation… and it is good to do one thing at the time.

Any input would be highly appreciated!

I attache a model I downloaded and actually an tryng to rig it from scratch, it has a decent rig, with small issues with the weight... yet, my main issue is that I could not genrate the Rig layers tab. (I did apply scale). 

You can find it on the following link, if it helps:

  • What you're asking for is really specific: a thin female, fully rigged, with face controls, using rigify.  It's probably not going to be easy to find something that matches all those criteria exactly.  But there are lots of good female rigs out there.  Several on the blender market if you are willing to pay.  If not, this one from sketchfab is pretty good. No face controls, but you can practice walk cycles and body mechanics at least.  And you could probably find a rigged face to work with elsewhere. 

    • pprocyonlotor Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. It isn't that specific...;) Thin, means an easier animation. As I dealt with some males animation, I wanted to switch. Most female models I saw have big breast, which requires a very precise animator touch so it can be natural, just a part of the character. I’d better first learn how to tweak female's hips and move from there.
      I liked the rig in your linked, it corresponds to the style I was looking for.
      I looked around so far for face rigs, I found something more cartoonish for which I'm rigging the face now...If it isn't a catastrophe, I'll show it.

  • I wouldn't stare yourself blind on rig layers.

    On my wishlist to purchase is Anna available on the blendermarket for a measly 40 bucks.

    The models appearance seems to match your demands and the guy who made it has more than enough credits:

    Perhaps this rig  will be something you enjoy using.

    I know its not rigify but often functionality between good rigs is pretty similar (settings for hinge, ik-fk, stretch or no stretch etc). If you insist on Rigify you can also try and rig a character yourself:

    Dan Pro's rigify tutorials

    These tutorials will teach you a whole lot about rigging and weight painting in general so it does not hurt to watch them either way.

    • 3dioot Thanks for your consideration!

      I actually contact lucky3D, very nice and knowledgeable person. It isn't different that much, but it means working with a different system and it another learning curve. Rigidify has more online sources and soon 2.8 will be the standard - from what I saw on Blender conference Rigging with Rigify Rigidify has a dedicated mindset for this moment.
      Dan Pro tutorials are really nice, he knows the art. I actually rig it now by Pichy Poy (less do it yourself) - it is probably less accurate but would allow me at least to test... And to move later to Dan's tutorials.