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02/04 - What are you working on this week?

Hi everyone, 

Last week, err the week before 😎I checked in to see what everyone was working on. It was really cool to see the projects you were tackling that week while jumping in to help each other out. 

Before answering this week, take a moment to reflect on the past two weeks. Did you do everything you said you were going to? What challenges did you run into, what successes did you feel? 

I am still figuring this stuff out myself, but a person that inspires me recently mentioned on any given day they do at least 10 things they don't "want" to do. Think about this phrase, "Blargh, I just don't feel like it". I say this a lot in my head, but is this the very voice that is keeping us from achieving our goals? 

Lets keep it going, what are you working on this week? 

  • Dilophofig

    Plastic Shader:

    This is more so my goal for the next few months: to work on creating as many packages as possible for when I go live on the Blender Market this fall. These are just some of my projects.





  • Working on some assets for our fps game. Now baking normal maps. Thanks to normal map modeling for games course i now know how to do it properly. Funny part is i wasted couple of hours yesterday while trying to bake normals with cage object in 2.8. I was using the first beta release version and there was a bug where blender was unable to use this feature. I guess i will use 2.79 instead for baking just to be safe.

  • I submitted my first CG job application yesterday.  I think it's kind of a long shot that I will hear back, but the description sounded like it was entry level so I decided to go for it.  So I dropped the character I was working on last time to spiff up some old projects and put together a "portfolio" (if it can be called that) for the application. Portfolio here. Feedback welcome!

  • Goals for this week:

    • at least ten Disney/four-finger hands
    • finish a GLSL tutorial (which is still tbd)
    • install 2.8 (I only just figured out what everything does in 2.79....)
    • (stretch) texture the low-triangle-count airship I said I would texture back in December*

    This is in addition to minimum 20 minutes of sketching per day.

  • Well, I got behind on SculptJanuary so far that it wasn't fun anymore, so I quit.  But hey, 20 days for my first SculptJanuary isn't bad.  I learned if I can make the subject a character, I get more enjoyment out of it.  Next time, I'll shoot for 21 days!

    This week I plan to revisit my Challenger model and get the shaders finished.  It's dragging on for way too long and I need to get it done!

  • Baking normal maps and texturing the cottage for Project eternity (added new renders yesterday). It's almost done! Just need to do few parts again since the resolution was too small and looked grainy. At first I didn't want to make them too high but then realized that they can always be made smaller afterwards. Making them bigger if needed is impossible so... learning everyday  😃

    Unity tutorials here in CGC have helped me a lot during the process. I've realized that exporting is not just a small step where you throw the models in a different program. It's a subject of it's own and needs also time and commitment.

    Great stuff everybody! Keep it up!

  • Finally start to have some more time for CG after a hectic january. I participate in artstation 2042 contest (vehicles categories) so it'll be my main focus for the coming weeks.

    So far just focusing on concept blockout:

    Still many thinkgs to work on, the transmission system, the seat, how the powertrain system will be installed etc.

    • crew

      tbrbn I ❤️all things motorcycle, so I will be anxiously watching your progress on this one. 

      swikni - this lock scene render looks pretty legit  and Clint Rogers that sounds like a solid exercise. Please share on the Gallery as it comes together. 

      Some great things happening this week, keep kicking arse and happy Blending! 

    • wesburke Thanks Wes ! It's still in very early stage so I'll most likely change a lot of features (who knows, it may end up  in spaceship 😂). I'll try to be aiming for some kind of touring/sport combination. On Artstation each contestant gets a submission thread, you can check it out once in a while if you want!

      Not much progress in the vehicle modelling, still looking for more concept for the wheel transmission (some kind of engine-in-hub solution looks cool) and the battery storage  (Thi time I also try to stick to the "function before form" kind of mindset)

  • I started working on the retopology of my character. The ear was difficult to pull off. I also haven't expected losing this much detail. I think I'll be able to recover some of it by adjusting the topology.

  • I'm working on a long sword to hang on my wall. I'm going to try different blade and handle styles, then 3D print the best looking combination. This is what I've got so far: