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Pose Libraries...what am I doing wrong???

I have a rigged and skinned figure.  I have a Rest Position with all rotations, scale, etc removed.  

  • I go to Pose Position and then go into Pose Mode.
  • I move an arm, then hit the '+' in the List of Poses, and choose Add New (doesn't really matter which one I choose, the same thing happens, AFAICT).  Cool.
  • Exit Pose Mode.

Now my understanding is each Pose is separate and not cumulative (perhaps that's wrong).  So let's create another pose.

  • Still in Pose Position, get back into Pose Mode.
  • Clear all rotations, scale, etc.
  • Move the leg and Add New.
  • Exit Pose Mode.

Now clicking on the magnifying glass for Pose #1 returns the pose to default 0 position (no rotation, scale, etc.)  Clicking on the Pose #2 moves the leg.    Why doesn't clicking on Pose #1 move the arm and return the leg to 0 position?

Can someone explain how I'm supposed to be using the pose library?  This is 2.79b on a Mac, if that's at all relevant.


  • Well, after at least 2+ years of being confused, I finally found a tutorial that talks about how the BONES are the things you're actually posing.   EVERY BONE AFFECTED IN YOUR POSE MUST BE SELECTED WHEN YOU SAVE THE POSE.  Why didn't someone just say that at the beginning...or in the friggin' docs?