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01/21 - What are you working on this week?

Hey everyone, 

Happy Monday to you and I trust the ☕️ is well. I am waking up to a winter day west of Chicago, it looks much warmer than 1F/-15C  with the sun beams coming through the window. Though I'll trust my phone and remain indoors for a short bit.  🤓

Over the weekend I was thinking a lot about our community here;  all the various projects, goals you're here to complete and the connections we're all making. It's pretty dam awesome. When you joined CG Cookie you didn't purchase a subscription, you adopted a community. That is real, and you all rock for making it so. 🤛

Lately my role has been pulling me more towards the backend end of things; business processes, development roadmaps, and google spreadsheets. A far cry from my days as an Environment Artist at RoboModo or my time at Midway Games. 

I'd love to see some art, creative projects or challenings you're tackling this week for yourself.  Please link, upload what you're working on and or share what you're looking to accomplish by the end of it. 

Similar to the internal HeartBeat requests the Cookie crew answers, what do you plan on working on this week? 

Have a kick arse week!