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[ENDED] BC4-1810 - October 2018 Class Homepage - Shading & Lighting with Blender

I published a collection of my light match .blend files, as was discussed during the class. You're welcome to reference those if you'd like. Also here's links to the reels shiennar put together:

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #4 (Oct 31, 2018): Class is officially over! Please check the closing post and don't forget to fill out the questionnaire 🙇🏻‍♂️

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #3 (Oct 9, 2018): Grades for week 1 homework are recorded. Feel free to keep an eye on this spreadsheet (BC4-1810 tab at the bottom) throughout the month. Please let me know if I miss anything!

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #2 (Oct 3, 2018): 4 mighty Citizens have heeded the call to become Volunteer Assistants (VA's). They are: silentheart00, thecabbagedetective, csehz, and galledark. This means that between the 5 of us, there should always be a helpful presence both in this homepage thread and your individual homework threads throughout the month. Thank you VA's!

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT #1 (Oct 1, 2018): Class is officially in session! Check the syllabus below for Week 1's focus and assignments. Begin watching the pre-recorded courses if you haven't already and I'll see you tomorrow at the first Live Event! 💡


Welcome to the CGCookie Class: Shading & Lighting with Blender! The art of shading and lighting your Blender scenes and models can make or break your renders. It's a very important - even enlightening - skill to develop as a 3D artist.

This "Class" format invites all Citizen members to focus together on a particular topic/skill for a month. Participation looks like this:

  • RSVP and attend the Live Events
  • Watch the pre-recorded education outlined below
  • Ask questions, answer other's questions
  • Submit homework by creating a unique forum thread to contain all your homework submissions for the month.
  • Generally be active in this homepage thread and other's homework threads.

WHEN? The class will take place from October 1st - Oct 30th.

✅  WEEK 1: Shading & Lighting Primer (Oct 1-7)

Abstract: There are some core concepts to lighting and shading (S&L) that need to be understood first. Things like global illumination, render engines, shaders, materials, and node networks some of the things we will be over-viewing this first week. I

Goal of the Week: Familiarize (or re-familiarize) ourselves with core S&L concepts.

Pre-recorded course to watch:

Week 1 Live Event (Remember to RSVP)


✅  WEEK 2: Vehicle Shading & Lighting with Eevee (Oct 8-14)

Abstract: The Eevee render engine is the latest and greatest rendering tech in Blender and we're going to stretch its legs for week 2. The subject is going to be a sports car, but any vehicle will do. After all many of us spent this past June modeling vehicles and we're eager to get them lit and pretty!

Some topics we'll cover along the way include materials like car paint, rubber, metal, and leather along with HDRI environment lighting.

Pre-recorded courses to watch:

  • Shading the Sci-Fi Helmet - While this course isn't a vehicle, the aspects taught are very relevant (metal, paint, wear and tear). The first two chapters are about texturing which you can skip. Chapter 3 is the important stuff for this class

Week 2 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Find a vehicle model, use one of your own, or download this vehicle modelThen light it and shade it with Blender 2.8 and Eevee in a manner that's meant to impress.[Post a screengrab/render to your BC4-1810 homework thread]
  • Lighting Match #1: This light matching exercise is based on this thread where the assignment is to find a 3D render we like and do our best to match it. Use your own model of anything, find one on, or use the same attached vehicle model. [Post a screengrab/render next to your chosen source render (post to your BC4-1810 homework thread)]

✅  WEEK 3: Lighting Characters with Blender (Oct 15-21)

Abstract: Character lighting is a very intentional art and how to do it well is often a mystery. This week we'll look at how to develop striking character renders, build simple materials that accentuate your model, and even the concept "painting" you character with light for surreal effects.

Pre-recorded courses to watch:

Week 3 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Find a character model (from sketchfab or blendswap), use one of your own, or download the this goblin characterThen light it and shade it in a manner that's meant to impress.[Post a screengrab/render to your BC4-1810 homework thread]
  • Lighting Match #2: Just like the week 2 light match but with a different source render for a new light setup to match. Repetition makes the exercise stick, plus it's just fun.

✅  WEEK 4: Shading & Lighting an Arch Viz Scene (Oct 22-28 )

Abstract: Arch viz rendering is often a coveted skillset among lighten enthusiasts. This week we're looking at lighting interior architecture for realism, featuring natural outdoor light from windows and artificial light from light fixtures. We'll also explore creating the necessary materials for our interior.

Pre-recorded course to watch:

Week 4 Live Event (Don't forget to RSVP)


  • Find an interior model (from sketchfab or blendswap), use one of your own if you've built one, or download this bathroom scene or this kitchen scene. Then light it and shade it a realistic manner. [Post a screengrab/render to your BC4-1810 homework thread]
  • Lighting Match #3: Just like the week 2 and 3, find a third source render to match its lighting.

✅ Class Wrap-Up Stream (October 30th)

We'll be doing a 5th live stream to review week 4 homework and close out the class.

This thread is reserved for CG Cookie Citizens that are participating in the "Shading & Lighting with Blender" class. Its purpose is to serve as central communication for all participating Citizens (excluding Hobby plan Citizens) to ask Kent and fellow participants questions and to post homework. As the instructor of the class, Kent will be monitoring this thread on a daily basis (especially Mon-Thurs) throughout the month of October to review homework and answer questions.

Free members are welcome to observe the thread but please respect that communication and participation is reserved for Citizens.

  • My submission. Candle lit bathroom

  • Kent said something about filling a questioner, where is it so I can fulfill its purpose in the universe.

  • crew


    Here's to the biggest class yet! More participants, more homework submissions, more grades, more XP all suggesting that more was learned this month than any other class month before. That's pretty cool. Being the final class of 2018, I'd say that's a good way to go out.

    THIS COMMUNITY: It never ceases to amaze me how truly exceptional you all are together. You help each other, you encourage each other, you critique each other, you cheer for each another, you challenge each other, you laugh with each other, you create cool art with each other. In an internet of trolls, you stand apart. I am incredibly proud of how well you conduct yourselves during these classes.

    Consistency: I know it's a lot of work and time to stay committed for 4 straight weeks. Out of 53 total Citizens that submitted homework, 21 submitted all 4 weeks. These people deserve some commendation for tolerating me:

    Volunteer Instructor's Assistants: 3 galant members heeded the official call while 3 others earned honorary VA status, proving themselves very valuable resources to me, the class, or both. I can't thank you enough but here's an all-caps THANK YOU!

    • Zsolt Cseh ( csehz )
    • Aaron Rudderham ( thecabbagedetective )
    • silentheart00
    • Miranda van Elst ( ssmurfmier1985 ) for being particularly present and helpful in all class threads
    • Pavel Mazanik ( nekronavt ) for also being particularly present and helpful in all class threads
    • Katerina Novakova ( shiennar ) for cutting a homework reel every week

    Highest Grade: Pavel Mazanik takes home the most cookies this month with 176 XP! Remember to check Zolt's Report Card to see how you did. Reminder that I calculated the total value for everyone based on this scale: F/- = 0, D = 10, C = 20, B = 30, A = 40, + = 5. I will manually be applying individual XP totals to your account in the next 24 hours.

    NOTE: If you see that I missed a grade, please let me know - I want you to get all the XP you've earned.

    Your Feedback is important. In an effort to improve the class experience and give you a chance to cast your votes for classes in 2019, please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. I would greatly appreciate it 🙇🏻‍♂️

    Thanks for joining BC4-1810! Classes will commence again as "Workshops" in 2019 🍎

    • thecabbagedetective Lol, we got the same amount of points again just like last class 😛 Pavel beat us by 3 points 😆

      nekronavt Well earned best of class!! Your Eevee experiments and Metal Pumpkin inspired me this month, awesome job! 🤘🏻🎉

      theluthier Thanks for another awesome workshop class! These are such a learning boost and your teachings inspire me to do better. Looking forward to the next workshop in 2019 😀😄

      @ all my classmates, thanks for another awesome class! Your feedback, encouragement, explanations and the cool stuff you made is a great inspiration and very motivating. Keep up the good stuff and hope to see you all for the next one! 😎👍🏻

      All righty, going to fill in that questionnaire now 🚀

    • theluthier its been great to follow this from side. only regret is that i wished to participate, however, having dayjob and a 3d gig at evenings meant that i had to put hold everything else. and what really sting is that i needed the shading and lighting stuff,  but eventually i will have time to go these through, its going to be relatively soon since the 3d gig is coming to an end. But guess its what it is when you are trying to change career, time and patience. and knowing the limits. Burnout is no joke. 

      Keep blending everyone. Never give up on your dreams. Stay in health!

    • ssmurfmier1985 3... points...

      In all seriousness thought this class was awesome, shoutout to nekronavt for kicking ass both in having the most points and just being an all around Eevee guru. It's a bit embarrassing when I can't help as a VA 'cause I haven't much of a clue about Eevee but your prescience was very much appreciated.

      Welp, that's a wrap guys. It was fun. It was stressful. Mostly fun though. For me this is a class I had wanted for a long time and I genuinely feel my lighting has changed almost night and day thanks to it, so thanks to theluthier for conducting an amazing class and thanks to all of you for making the experience even more enjoyable. If you'll excuse me I have a date with Red Dead Redemption 2 but I look forward to seeing a lot of you again come January. This isn't "goodbye," merely "see you soon." Yeah that sounded a lot better in my head. 

    • theluthier thecabbagedetective ssmurfmier1985 

      Thank you all, I'm glad I was helpful to anyone :)

      And thank you all for company and feedback during this class. I'm both glad that I can rest a bit now, and sad that it ends. Those live streams was really a mood maker for the week.

       If you'll excuse me I have a date with Red Dead Redemption 2

      Damn, last months make me want to buy PS4...

    • theluthier thank you so much for the class. It was an amazing experience. You really are an amazing teacher and have great explanations. Again I learned a lot and I hope to keep improving even more. Also thanx for everyone else who helped me during class. 

    • theluthier This was my first live class on cgcookie and I had a blast.  It was fun.  It was tough.  It was eye-opening.  Thanks to Kent for good-natured, informative streams.  A great mentor.  And thanks to the rest of you friendly, talented artists in the class who shared their work and experience. Till next time...

  • thank u theluthier  this class was very special for me even if i was not fully in .. again i v learnd a lot , specially wathching the others good work and reading all the notes u wrote ..

    i came to the conclusion that i still have a lot to learn … i have been using blender for about 3 years  ,i'm getting better in a technic , but i still scratching the surface as artist.. 

    so what next .? keep working ,kepp Learning ..keep searching ..and take time to study other artists work and try to match it befor blooming my own style .

    .so thank u kent thank u my fellow classmates .. u r still teaching me humility !see u next class !!

  • I have just also managed to watch the recorded stream, nice to have such wrap up when everybody has the released good feeling after so lot of work during the month.

    Relating the idea of Aaron to apply badges on the CG Cookie site, would like to express a big +1 for it.

    In that system we must register backwards the All-Star Hall of Fame in 2018 from Classes:

    BC1-1801 - January Class - Katerina Novakova ( shiennar ) - 190 XP
    BC2-1803 - March Class - Matthew Ullrey ( ullreym ) - 180 XP
    BC3-1806 - June Class - Aaron Rudderham ( thecabbagedetective ) - 178 XP
    BC1-1808 - August Class - Miranda van Elst & Aaron Rudderham ( ssmurfmier1985 & thecabbagedetective ) -
      195 XP
    BC4-1810 - October Class - Pavel Mazanik ( nekronavt ) - 176 XP

    Pavel congratulations for being the best student in October by the highest XP, especially thanks for guiding me how to make a glass material in 2.8 and so Eevee for the car :-)

    Also it was a nice gesture in the stream from Kent remembering to yyukinoh1989 , Yukino take care and try to be in balance with the hard Blender work and resting.

    Seeing the final results from the 2018 classes in the report card there could be maybe a 'Class Marathonist' badge for Katerina Novakova ( shiennar ), Jere Haapaharju ( swikni ) and Zsolt Cseh (oops that is me proudly), who participated in all the 5 classes.

    So really just take care and have a good blending everyone, although surely going to meet in other threads yet before of the 2019 workshops

    • csehz I'm going for the 'Class Marathonist' badge next year! 😃

    • csehz thanks :)

      mmalhomsi aiming at improving character sculpting skills. Everything is interesting, but after 7 months with Blender I think I know what I want to focus at :)

      And a personal ask - please keep updating your polybooks, folks. It's very interesting to check others progress.

    • nekronavt Lol, sunglasses on your bust 😂 I will start a poly book when I make my first animation after the animation fundamentals course so I have something to show (a rolling cube or something 😛). Looking forward to your sculpts!! 😎

      mmalhomsi Kratos, coolll!! Can't wait to see that 😃

      dostovel Canada better let you come, they're missing out on some talent if they don't! Good luck with creating some awesome portfolio pieces 😊

      Totally understand the generalist thing, you can always learn more animation in your own time once you made it to Canada 😉👍🏻

      I'm not sure what I like most or what I'm best at, have only touched the tip of the iceberg in my few months of learning Blender. So my longer term goal for the next couple of years is building a broad basis with modeling, shading, lighting, animation, game dev. Finding out what I like most. After that I'll choose a direction to specialize in 😊

    • I'm going for the 'Class Marathonist' badge next year!  

      ssmurfmier1985 I know Miranda, you absolutely having the consistent approach for that

      BTW : what is every body future blender plans .??

      mmalhomsi Good question, well first of all I would like to summarize some notes for myself from the October class, as there are some treasures in the depth of the recorded lives streams, for example when Kent shows the fake fresnel method or using curves to have more variety in the noise patterns. I need to search them that in which video at which minutes they were, with the target to not lose these valuable information. Eventually also create some cheat sheet kind of guides to create typical materials fast by the Principled Shader.

      Then as I got a drawing table to my birthday, would like to practice sculpting. Also would like to continue my pioneer researches how to make nice infographics in Blender through Python programming.

      Plus of course waiting for the final release of 2.8 :-) So practicing there in advance

  • Just filled in the questionary. 

    I wonder for next year will there be like a schedule or a planning that you guys make? 

    csehz thanks. I sure will yesterday had the contrôle of my dokter to see how I progress. She increased medication to help me sleep better but my heart rate and blood pressure are getting more stable. It might take some time but I am already happy that it slowly got a bit better. Next week I'll have a scan of my head so hope this time that also will be already a bit better. 

  • Biggest takeaway for me from the class was:

    I had that scene of the apartment that I kept saying I had to lit and render properly, also a car render on my list, and never got around to those, because sure sure, I'll get to them soon... and months went by... then comes the class and suddenly there is a deadline and a teacher who's keeping tabs on you and you can only dedicate chunks of  a saturday's and a sunday's, and that is not enough time, but turns out it gets you going for plowing through creative frustrations and finally getting around accomplishing some goals. And you'd think that planning and having discipline would take care of it, maybe it's the equivalent of playing tennis without a net or soccer with your hands.

  • BTW : what is every body future blender plans .??

    • mmalhomsi Learning animation is next for me, want to learn how to make a cool micro-short like the Halloween Melvin!

      Also continue improving modeling,shading, lighting. 

      That's what I will be doing the next months until the next workshop. After that I'll see 😊

      What are your plans?

    • ssmurfmier1985 we cant stop u Miranda !! u r Learning with the speed of light ! i can see u doing ur first micro_short befor 2019 !!

      for myself i ll spend time studying other artists work , this class kick my ass hard ..i ll still concentrat on character creation ,for the next 2 monthes i 'm going to finish a stylized project ( a tribute to toriyama) but for now i mgoing for a Kratos ( god of war game ) sculpture, so i can use it as a base for the light matches excercises.. more personal project , i need to learn English..i m too limited by my actual level :)

    • mmalhomsi Continue to improve my portfolio, tailoring it into the area I would like to work in if that thing of Canada pans out, so doing more modeling, shading and lighting. I'll try to make a big project that I can sank the most details I can into it. I would like to do more animation and rigging but I have to focus in one area only and not go the too generalist way.

    • dostovel i wish the best , u have talent man , if i can help let me know !

    • mmalhomsi mine is to first rest and finish the class piece. Then continue learning and work further onto  my Pokémon project and participate in future events,contest and classes 

    • mmalhomsi I've been slowly working on an animated short for a music video.  Busy building train models and props.  Trying to be patient with it and keep it as simple as possible.  So much to learn doing it though.

  • What a great month! Once more, thank you Kent theluthier for making this (learning) happen, and for everyone that participated. This group has been so great and it's so inspiring watching all of those awesome submissions.

    We'll meet again at the next.. I mean the first Workshop.

  • This is it, it's the end, it's unpinned now, this thread will slowly sink to the bottom of the threads floor, like Rose letting go of a frozen Jack.

  • crew

    Lol that Leo Dicaprio rabbit hole 🤣

    BTW peeps, I published a collection of my light match .blend files and posted links to all the Reels from this month. See the very top of this thread's description ☝️

  • Some calculations. There is a total of ~2319 posts in all homework threads + this thread at this moment. And this is, surprisingly, less than in the previous class.

    Probably modeling causes more WIP post than shading and lighting.

  • Hey everyone.  I watched this video today and it was a neat little trick on interior lighting that I hadn't seen before.  Worth checking out for sure:

  • Since this class last month was about lighting....

    Anyone else notice the really strong, blue rim from overhead at the BCON talks?  This choice seemed really weird to me, and I thought it could be from the screen, but it just seems too intense of a blue to be light bleed from the screen.

    Also, as I was watching Hjalti's "Illusion of Animation" in particular (though in others as well), I'm noticing the strong side white rim. :D.

  • It's Tuesday, for some reason I ended up here, yet I don't know why, 

    as if by inertia, 

    as if by habit.... strange. 

  • Learned the hard way that modeling skills can get rusty fast....

    I take a look at my mesh and realize it's just a mess,
    'Cause I've been shading and lightin' so long that
    Even my mama thinks that my skill is gone....

  • crew

    Figured I'd post this in case anyone who participated in the class peeks in here. During week 4 (Arch Viz) I kept pushing arch viz renders as an idealized, designer-heavy contexts; perfectly clean, furniture and decorations perfectly placed - stuff you would see in a magazine vs normal/average homes and buildings. However several people did normal/average rooms which I often critiqued as looking 'unremarkable' compared to magazine-quality renders.

    Well I finally found a very high quality example of normal/average room arch viz that certainly qualifies as 'remarkable' so we all know it's plausible! "Bed Room" by Sergio Castaneda:

    Notice how much stuff it takes to look this realistic/believable. Much more involved to create a scene like this than the contemporary/modern arch viz interiors we see so often..