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GIF(t) Challenge Part 1 (Christmas)

                                                                    "CHRISTMAS DOESN'T COME FROM A STORE.
                                                     MAYBE CHRISTMAS PERHAPS MEANS A LITTLE BIT MORE"

                                                                                                          DR. SUESS

You maybe thinking of giving Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh to your friends and family this Christmas.
Or we could break from tradition and do something different this Christmas,
something special for our loved ones.

A Christmas Gif. 

On the first day of Christmas

My true love sent to me:

A Christmas Gif made for free

The Challenge:

Create a short animation in Blender (about 5 to 10 seconds)
Then use a free online gif maker to convert your animation into a gif. (I used


  • Use Blender
  • Must be Christmas themed.
  • Submit your result to the CG Cookie Gallery by December 19th 2021  23:59 US CST

You are encouraged to create a WIP thread in the community forum for review with the title Christmas Gif 2021 WIP.

Your WIP thread should consist of progressive images with a short explanation of the process at each stage.

Why a Challenge

A challenge rather than a contest because its for you to challenge yourselves and the knowledge you gained from a course to create a masterpiece of your own making. A rules based challenge to maintain consistency and fairness, whilst also maintaining safety to prevent accidents. A challenge to be the best you can be from the knowledge you have today, while striving to be even better tomorrow than you was yesterday. Most importantly, a challenge to have some fun.

How we'll rate your Christmas Gif.

Four Wise Men, Wes, Kent, Lampel and Wayne will review and pick 4 Christmas Gif's.
Criteria to include Christmas spirit.

The 4 picks get:-

  • Featured across the Gallery for an entire week
  • Shared on CG Cookie's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the artist's social media accounts tagged
  • 500XP points

Make sure to add your social media handles to your profile.

How its made

For the above gif:

I used geometry nodes for the tree, based on a tutorial on YouTube by redjam9
redjam9 - YouTube

A simple particle system for the snow

And the text, I used a text object with my chosen font as a template. Using a curve and extruding the handles to follow the text object as if writing with a pen. With an extrude of 0.02 under geometry of the curve settings. Converted to a mesh. Straighten the UV's and used an empty to drive the x location of the mapping node of the shader.

With the use of multiple scenes, I was able to get a blurred effect on the tree and snow, and a sharp image of the background and text. Bringing it together in compositing.

I have uploaded the file to Google Drive for you to download

Christmas Gif(t) .blend file

We wish you Happy Blending