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Polybook HUMAN - Doofus

Just getting started with the Humans course. Very excited about this so I decided to post up this polybook to try and keep myself going. Never really done a lot of sculpting before, Ive mostly stuck with poly modelling so definitely spending a bit of time just getting comfortable in sculpt mode. Learning loads already. Struggling a little with getting consistent results, apart from the overly pointy chin. That I can consistently get whether I want to or not. :)

  • And part II. Each of these I started from just the cube and went through the whole process. Managed to do all the part I bits without referring to the video which is cool. The last one was done without referring to part II video either, so hopefully a few more tries at that and I will be up for moving to part III.

  • Had a few more goes going from the cube to part II. Feel like I'm starting to get a bit more comfortable with the sculpting tools and the results are getting more consistent. The last half dozen were done without having the video playing for reference, so hopefully the info is going into my tiny brain with the blunt force of repetition. Pointy chins are gone at least. Time to move on to part 3. 

  • First go at head planes - part III. This one is definitely going to require a bunch more goes through. Quite a fight to keep things looking nice and angular, until I gave the pinch brush more of a go. Really like that for defining the edges of the planes. Starting to feel a bit human now, well maybe a fairly expensive droid.

  • Few more part III's. Keen to move on to part IV and complete the planar blockout phase, so I think I will have a few goes at that and then before I move on to any detailing I think I will try and correlate this planar phase to some portraits of different individuals. I'm thinking if I draw a measured overlay of the loomis lines as a transparent layer that I can overlay on reference photos, (probably front and side views) it will show me where the face I am trying to achieve deviates and how much from the base loomis proportions. And then try and apply that to my planar blockout. Make sense?

  • And finally got round to doing a couple of necks.

    Next then just for fun, I am going to have a go at making a couple of planar blockouts with proportions altered to match some reference images, just to see if even at this early stage I can achieve some likeness with the blockouts.

    Going with these guys cause the lack of hair hopefully wont detract from my attempt at likeness. :)

  • Dont think I'd recognise him without the name tag, but I think it feels like maybe a fairly close base from which to sculpt Capt Jean Luc. I will try Natalie Portman tomorrow.

    • Coming back to look at this a day later it looks to me like the nose is way too long. Might adjust that before I start Natalie Portman.

  • Slightly headshrunk Capt Jean Luc to make the nose shorter and had a go at the Natalie Portman one. Definitely think it looks more feminine. Looking at them side by side, it seems Jean Luc's neck has disappeared, so I will have to sort that out, but I am happy for these to be my practice bases going forward for the detailing section. Not exactly recognisable, but I'm interested to see how much that comes with the detailing or if I need to spend more time in future on getting these base proportions down until the planar versions are actually a bit more recognisable. Either way. Pretty happy that I can go from a cube to this Natalie Portman head in about 1 hour. Thanks Kent :)

    • ddoofus a wise man once said... details are the icing on the cake...

      so I'm thinking you know already that the closer to correct you can get the basic proportions and such down

      the better your chances of having it recognized for who or what it is...

      details will never fix what is wrong with initial block out...

      Good hunting...

      hope this helps

    • Definitely agree. I guess the question I have is how recognisable can this type of blockout be. 

    • the answer to that is very recognizable!! 

      if you don't get the blockout right you're never going to get all the way there!!

      I'm sure Kent will get to that stage...

    • Does make sense. Definitely more work required as far as likeness goes for me then. I'll try not to get too bogged down with that for right now though.  I'll just carry on with the course. As you say, I'm sure Kent will get to that later.

    • not to belabor the point or compare apples to oranges but a pic is worth 1k...

      with far less details I think this is more recognizable?

      hope this is helpful to your journey...