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Cloth simulation suggestions?

I'm trying to use cloth simulation to wrap a square piece of cloth around a human leg.  It needs to wrap over itself and not stretch very much.  I am  still rather new to blender and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for doing this?

  • crew

    Hi wwiket24 ,

    Do you need an animation of the cloth wrapping around the leg?


    Do you just need the final result?

    I you want an animation you will need to create a cloth sim with a force field to push the cloth in the right direction.

    Other wise you could model (sculpt) the cloth as part of the leg for the final result.

    I could explain the cloth sim here, but you will probably get bored half way through.

    Have a look at the Fundamentals of Dynamics course to learn about cloth simulation and force fields.

    This should get you well under way, any specific issues you have, by all means ask another question.

  • I'm trying to get a final result.  I'll look more into force fields. The other thing I've tried is using a empty hook moving along a path but it seems to stretch the fabric too much.