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Normal map blend

Can the blended result on the normal map be useful in any case? if edges are not marked as sharp, such as  on curved and spherical surfaces.

If a curved surface has the desired look when baked but the uvs look blended on the normal map, is that acceptable  or should all normal map islands like the one thats marked as sharp?

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    Hey Amit!

    I think jlampel maybe the best person to answer this, but I will give it a go.

    You say the UV's look blended, do you mean the color on the normal map is blended?

    The UV's are the position of the points of the mesh on the texture map, if that makes sense.

    If your UV's are 'blended' this will be due to an incorrect unwrap of the mesh.

    If the result your looking for is a rounded corner, or a curved surface, then the normal map color will look blended.

    If you could provide an screenshot, it would help answer your question.


    • I modeled and baked this helmet from a high poly to a low poly. On the left half I applied sharps to the edges and on the right I left it smooth without marking sharp. On the right, leaving it smooth without sharps gave the blend and chamfer look around the inner eye which I liked and wanted while the left side didnt have the chamfer look. However, the rest of the shading on the normal map looks blended on the right as shown in the video. Both sides the shading looks the same and good on the 3d model even though on the right side it appears with bad shading. If the shading appears like that on the normal map, is it always incorrect or is that acceptable shading if the 3d model looks good? adrian2301 jlampel 

  • As he showed in this video, setting the hard edges as sharp gives this result in pic one with correct shading on the flat faces.  Is there any useful case of having the faces blended like in the 2nd pic. adrian2301 

    1st pic

    2nd pic