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Random Question re: The Pietro Course

I love the idea of this course but I see it's done in v 2.66, has too much changed in Blender between then and now which would make it hard to follow?

  • crew

    Hi cchaoslillith ,

    This is a really great course, I have watched it but not yet modeled Piero.

    It depends how familiar you are with the latest Blender version and the changes since v2.66.

    You may have some difficulty, but the CGCookie community is always willing to help out if you get stuck.

    The modelling and texturing chapters should be ok as long as you are not trying to follow every keystroke and click, this is where most changes have been made.

    With the rigging and animation chapters, these are difficult in any version of Blender, but again its possible, with lots of patience and community support if you need it. 

    You could also download Blender v2.66 from Blender Previous Versions .

    Also I would recommend watching the lessons through before following along, at least a chapter at a time.

    Good luck and hope to see your Piero flying through the gallery soon.

    Happy Blending!

  • Hi Adrian,

       I never used 2.66 but it sounds like it's doable despite that. I've done texturing and some modeling so that shouldn't throw me off too much and there are other tutorials on rigging and animating I can look at online to if needed to learn the current buttons to push, or as you mentioned asking for help here. I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't so completely different that it would be counterproductive to take it lol. Thanks!! 

    I love the scene and not a lot of ppl so animals so learning how to do a bird would be a really fun challenge. 

    • crew

      It will be a challenge, but it sounds like you are up to it.

      Good luck!

      And don't forget to ask for help!

    • I am planning to make my own short film animations so this course will really help me out. I've been studying lighting for the last year through Academy of Animated Art, just started learning Substance and doing environment art and modeling so this will be perfect to get a handle on a full pipeline. I even did some hand keyframed animation earlier too this should be fun. Then I'll hop into the Alive and Rigging course  that's more advanced. I want to learn Mixamo and Rigify as well to make things move faster if I am not doing super detailed animations. Thanks for the help!