Viewport render doesn't show bone names (2.93)?

I had been using 2.81a for previous exercises. Viewport render shows bone names (when enabled). Started using latest 2.93.5 LTS for this exercise, to more closely match video. The viewport looks fine but viewport render has no bone names. I can't seem to find any option to change. Not a big deal, but annoying. Any help - thanks?

  • crew

    Hi Techy,

    I'm pretty sure the devs removed some stuff from the viewport renders intentionally from 2.8 that would clog up the view.

    Motion path keyframe numbers and bone names are some of those things.  I'm not actually sure of the full list though.

    If I mention in the video that you should have them, just ignore it.  I remember it being one of the criteria before I realised this, but that has since been removed.