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Share Your 3Dspo

I thought it might be good to start a thread for things that inspire us in relation to 3D, a 3Dspo thread. 

Things that impress you,  things that amaze you, things that make you want to practice, things that make you want to learn, things that make you want to improve, things that make you want to create, things that make you hope you can make something like that one day, things remind you why you do this, things that ignite your passion for 3D. Things that inspire you!

Certainly this will include lots of 3D creations, but maybe you find inspiration in something else, like a creation in a different medium, feel free to share that too.

I think it might also be beneficial if we try and explain what we find inspiring about the things we post. By doing that it may better allow us to take from these pieces of inspiration.

Hopefully by us sharing these things with each other the inspiration will spread and it will push us to even greater heights in our 3D journeys.

Let's also do our best to provide proper attribution/link to the original source on all posts.

So please, share your 3Dspo!

I will start.

I think the quality of the 3D aspects of this video speak for themselves, but I am most inspired by the artistic/creative elements. There are so many different captivating shots that keep me locked in start to finish. And, even though there is a large variety of shots, I think they all still fit together, and contribute to a cohesive theme which pairs with the music perfectly.

Again, I think the quality of the 3D aspects of this video speak for themselves, everything is just so amazingly done. I also think the narrative elements of the video are great. Intense, engaging, and dark. The design of Lilith and her uncaring look at the end, so good, gives me chills. (Warning - this video contains mature content.)

  • Hey ddrakewho ,

    I think this is a nice idea and I hope more people will post stuff in here. For me, sadly, there isn't much to post, since I'm trying to get to a point of making RTS characters (for games) that look good. So my inspiration is probably every RTS game out there :D


    • Thanks ttobles, I hope the thread gets used as well! Are there any particular RTS games that you think have really great character design? Besides of course this marvel from Age of Empires. Wololo! 😂

    • That priest is awesome :D
      Games that inspired me from which I couldn't find particular images are:

      1. Lord of the rings Battle for Middle-Earth
      2. Stronghold (the first part)(I know those units were gifs, but they still inspire me)
      3. Cossacks

      Then there are games like:

      Warcraft III

      (Image source)

      Or the total war games.

      (Image source)

      In my opinion these are all games that have good looking game assets, mastering the task of good looking units, while beeing very low-poly so there can be dozents or hundrets of them on the screen at the same time without killing the game performance.

      I'm aiming to get to a point where I am able to create characters like the Total War soldiers...but make them look a little more smooth :D


    • Making great looking models on a poly budget seems like quite the challenge! But, I'm sure you will get there. Best of luck!

  • Astartes (Warning - this video contains mature content.)

    I love this animation, amazing quality and very cinematic. The quick pace in terms of action and narrative development is so engrossing. I also like how things aren't spelled out in too much detail, I think it creates a lot of intrigue. But, perhaps the most inspiring thing about this animation is that it was made by a lone fan of the series and attracted so much attention that it actually lead to him entering into a partnership with Games Workshop.