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Help Rigging with Rigify

one thing I never liked about rigfiy is how the jaw opens and the lip corners anyone know how I would go about making this look better?  I'd like more of an oval shape than well .... whatever the hell this is. it looks so bad. More weight painting or drivers?  I'm not sure. one thing I find about rigfiy tutorials is that they all have this problem, without ever addressing  it to the viewer  kinda lazy if you ask me

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    Hey sskoomoo ,

    I no nothing...

    about Rigify.

    I'm not sure if waylow has much experience with Rigify,

    I'm sure he will be able to help in some capacity.

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    Hi Skoo.

    This is a know issue with rigify.  The way the "face" works is based on the names of the bones and it can only included all of the default bones that come with that "face" setup.  No more, no less.

    So the best way to go about rigging the face is the long way I'm afraid.  You have to set up your own bones with the relevant settings to copy over to the generated rig (if you want it to be better than the default garbage that is haha).

    If you want to learn how to do exactly that, check out Todor's course on Blender Market.

    I *think* he also has most of it on Youtube as well but if you can afford to support him you should. 

    It is an excellent course that helped fill a few holes in my knowledge of rigify.

    From Blender 3.0+ there are a bunch more rigify options that make creating your own face ups much easier.  

    They are the "skin" rigs.   Here's a quick WIP example of what they can do.

    If you want to experiment yourself try using the "skin.stretchy_chain" or "skin.basic_chain" to place the main deformation cage of the face, and if you need to place a specific control  use the "skin.anchor" on a point where the skin_chain meets.  When it generates it will use the anchor bone rather than creating an automatic one.

    For Melvin's lips in that example there is a few extra constraints and customisation going on but it is essentially just a basic skin chain.

    I hope at least some of that makes sense.

    However, just so you know anything above Blender 3.0 is not backwards compatible like it normally is with new releases.  So don't overwrite a file that you might need to open in 2.93