How long do submissions take to grade?

I submitted my exercise as well  as another exercise a few weeks ago and have yet to get a grade. How long does it usually take to get graded?

  • Hey nnewbiegonnabegood ,

    that's a question for sure. As far as I've experienced, it can take hours or weeks. The grading is done by community members, so if this excercise is older or has a low focus from the community it will sadly take it's time. I think after a period of waiting it's fair and square to tag a staff member and ask for grading of your submission.


  • crew

    Hey nnewbiegonnabegood ,

    As ttobles mentioned exercise submissions are graded by the community.

    However it does need more than one grade to show as graded.

    It should auto grade after 7 days, provided its not resubmitted or edited, otherwise it may reset the clock.

    Its not an ideal solution, and as far as I am aware there are changes coming.

    I have graded it for you on October 22nd, and left a comment.

    I will ask theluthier to have a look and grade also.

    Keep calm and have a cookie!

    • crew

      My apologies for the late grade nnewbiegonnabegood. Currently our system doesn't notify me of new exercise submissions and they never cross my radar. I'm trying to get that changed on the dev side but we'll have to see 🙏

      Mentioning me in a question like this is a better way to get my attention. Sorry - kinda silly