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Help With Organization. New To CGC

so basically, i got the yearlong memebership and am planning on learning a few things. 

-epicly advanced modeling

-advanced texturing

-advanced rigging

-and greatest of all-time animation

so the organization is kinda difficult cause there are hundreds of videos. any suggestions on specific clips that would work the best? i think I can learn that stuff in a year. imma spend a few hours a day working on it with two monitors. so yeah any suggestions?

  • crew

    Hey aarsenhere ,

    Welcome to CG Cookie, your in the best place to learn Blender 3D.

    The learning flows under the Training Library tab are courses set out in organized categories, Modeling, animation etc.

    A good place to start if your new to Blender is Your First Week with Blender learning flow. This flow includes an introduction to CGC, Blender Basics and the classic, model and animate a low poly rocket.

    If you are looking for something in particular, you have the option to search by subject in the course section,


    you can ask the community, they are awesome, 

    and we are happy you are apart of our community.

    Happy Blending. 🍪