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Halloween challenge 2021 - WIP - Basement scares

For the moment I'm still looking for the idea, but a first thought I had was about when I was a kid and I had to go get the milk in the basement, once the light was off below I always ran like hell on those stairs because I was sure something from the dark was going to try to grab my legs . I did watch inapropriate horror movies at way too young age :))).  who knows if it 'll work  out and if this is the direction I will be heading along the way.

  • That happened to me too ever since I was a kid. I used to live in an old house with a large basement that have a long staircase. There's not a single window but a bilco classic as the back door.

    I look forward to seeing what you making. slenaerts 

  • Oh, they let you watch horror and then sent you down in the scary basement to get the milk....

    You've sure got the experience to make something really scary!

    I'll be watching your progress Sébastien.

  • Nice! I too, can recall similar experiences as a kid... must be a common thing: creepy dark basements. I like the vibe with the dim lighting in your first image already, looking forward to seeing it develop.

  • hmmm... this might be the reason why I bought a house without a basement now :).  tbe floating eyes should glow, but not emit light to increase the darkness of the "pit".  I'm adding some decoration to the house .  THe low poly arms will be covered with blood to add some drama.  I want to add speed to this still, but not sure how.  The "kid" should be fleeting and I'm not sure how to do so.  Maybe post proces blur, not sure.  THe house lighting should also be more dramatic.  the color scheme should be dark/ not saturated with the aggressive reds popping out.  Maybe my character will wear glasses that are broken and with blood splatter as well.  To conclude: Welcome to cliché 101 :).

  • the floating eyes should glow, but not emit light

    Eevee does that automatically, but in Cycles you can use the Light Path Node and add glow in the Compositor, for instance:

    Just use Motion Blur for speed effect...

    the color scheme should be dark/ not saturated with the aggressive reds popping out

    You might wanna watch this tutorial for the 'Sin city effect': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HZnT28ZMUQ

    Gottfried Hoffman explains it for a film clip (with Motion Tracking), but can of course also and easier be done with a still image...

    • Thx spikeyxxx, you just spared me quite some time with your tips! I'll play around with those new learnings. Have a great day (or night not sure about the time difference), cheers

    • I just thought of something: that tutorial is pretty old and nowadays you can probably simply use Cryptomatte:

      And while we're  at it: here's a better way to 'de-saturate' an image:

      If you make the saturation zero in a HSV Node (or in a Hue Correct), then you are left with the Value and for instance 'pure blue' and 'pure' yellow both have a Value of one, but yellow looks much brighter than blue (for most, if not all humans) and the RGB to BW Node calculates the luminace ('perceived brightness') and shows yellow as lighter than blue, when converted to greyscale!

    • I'm still in the modeling process so not yet been able to look at your tips Spikey, will do this next week as I have to stop now for the next few days because... boxing time !

    • crew

      Did you know, if you have a bad feeling in your gut about something, like shadowy figures lurking in the dark basement, then you should be afraid, apparently because we humans only see a fraction of the light spectrum there is so much we don't see.

      Remember the phrase, 'Trust your Gut', and run for your life.

    • I'm almost back to work on the gut part