Amit Ben-Haim (amitbh)

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Sci-fi room Challenge 2021 WIP-Amit

This will be my subbmision to the sci fi room challange.

I took a  project made by me a few months ago for the fundementals of 3d modeling. 

I saw with that challenge an opportunity to revisit  the work and perfect it with some new knowledge i have gained.

Unfurtunately  I saw that we are encouraged to subbmit a wip thread only now, a day before final submision, so I will do my best, althogh its a bit late :).

just a little-bit background on me , just becouse i think its relevant for this subbmision.

i am an architect specelizing in 3d design . started to learn blender with cg cookie a few months ago and from then i am addicted