Blue stars question

Cool tutorial - very helpful to a beginner. 

When I added the blue stars option and messed with the sliders on the color ramp, I could get either blue or white, but not a mix of both. It looks like the same thing happened to yours. Is there a way to get different colored stars? 

  • You should be able to get a mix of blue and white stars and everything in between, but it can be pretty hard to get the correct position and you need to be aware, that the Noise Texture outputs values between about 0,2 and 0.8, so if your black slider is too close far to the right, there will not be a lot of variation left to choose from, if that makes sense.

  • You can also 'stretch' the sensitive area with the Converter > Map Range Node:

  • Thanks Spikeyxxx. I'll give this a try tomorrow. I appreciate you putting in the effort and time to put a demo and suggestions together. Pretty great.