Martijn Somhorst (somers80)

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blender 2.9xx course ?

Hello, Maybe strange question,

But is there a course that more or less cover this one, but for the latest version? Allthough i think i wont forget it anymore, it still is cumbersome to have to look where things are in blender 2.93 compared to this version... Or is it just a little les whining, litte bit more do the work ? :) 

  • crew

    Hey somers80 ,

    Believe it or not, this is a fairly common question.

    The principles of the course (sculpting) haven't changed since the course release, the main change is Blender's UI.

    The last few years have seen a lot of changes with Blender, all the previous versions of Blender are available to download 

    Blender Previous Versions

    You can install multiple versions on your computer to follow any course,

    however I would suggest get plenty of practice in the latest version.

    When comfortable with the latest versions UI, following those older courses with a different UI is less of an issue.

    Hope this helps.

  • well i decided to check the course with the shark first, as that one is beginner. I guess that will give me a little more of a kickstart.

    Thanks for the response! :) 

    • crew

      Very wise to start with the beginner course first! I'm sorry you've found the software inconsistencies hindering to your learning. But I truly appreciate your open-minded attitude. 99% of questions like yours are expressed more like demands.

      The problem of course age VS blender version is one that has plagued us and Blender education abroad since its inception. Blender simply updates too quickly for education to be recorded with the latest version. It's frustrating for everyone: As you know, learning when button names / locations change or disappear is super frustrating. For our part we have dozens of courses that were recorded with a totally different *looking* version of Blender but the workflow concepts are just as relevant today as they were years ago.

      There's no ideal answer but no matter where you go for Blender education it's the same problem. At CGC we prioritize re-recording beginner and fundamental courses primarily. The early stages of learning is most crucial for the software to be up-to-date. Once a student gets past the beginner stage they're more capable of filling in the gaps on their own for learning from older content.

      As for older content you can also trust that we will retire a course whenever the workflow concepts are out-dated / obsolete. Which is a lot less often than one might think. Very few CG concepts have changed in the 17 years I've been doing it.

      That's probably a lot more info than you expected, but hopefully that helps clarify our position on this topic. Thankfully we have rockstars like adrian2301 and spikeyxxx answering questions here daily!

    • Well thank you for that! I was expecting something like this , i can imagine that it sometimes even can get anoying that it changes so fast. I had the idea to just start en see where i would get by finding the things myself, but that took  a lot more time as anticipated so hence the step back to the shark :)

      Keep up the good work anyways!