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SciFi Room Challenge - Cozy Quarters

In the game EVE Online there used to be a way to exit ones ship and enter a space referred to as the "Captain's Quarters". I loved this space and was disappointed when, instead of adding more things to customize the room to our liking, the developer removed it from the game entirely. Because they hate money, I guess. I mean seriously, imagine all the micropayment possibilities...

I digress though...

My concept right now is to make a room inspired by those "captain's quarters" with the things I liked about the design plus the sort of things I would have loved to have added to make the space my own.

I'm currently putting together an idea board in PureRef and sketching layouts.

  • I'm right here waiting....

  • After a bit of a false start yesterday I got the room blocked out today. Getting the dimensions nailed down, even with a mannequin in the scene, was especially challenging. Next up, starting work on the walls!

  • A whole lotta fussing around with bits and fixing stuff I messed up while fussing around but not a whole lotta progress today.

  • It's summing up to something nice already! Cool!

  • Thank you, everyone~! I was actually thinking it doesn't look very cozy at all but I know the lighting I tossed in plus bare white walls are making it look cold.

    I've been away from the project a couple of days while I handle some other things and now I'm looking at it with a "fresh" set of eyes. I wasn't feeling very good about it when I left but now I've got some ideas on how to improve the scene. Hopefully. :)

  • Posted a lament about my SF Room project over in the Discord but I thought I'd post here as well along with a screenshot.

    I've tried three different rooms so far and each time the scope of what I've set up for myself starts to feel overwhelming for my current skill level. Not to say I haven't been learning a bunch. Not shown in the screenshots are the files full of the results of my fiddling around with materials and geometry nodes and whatnot. But the idea of sorting out how to take any of that and applying it to any of the rooms makes me feel exhausted.

    I know the point of the challenges are, obviously, to be *challenging* and I need to push through no matter what!

    Below is my most recent room. It has somewhat wandered away from the "cozy quarters" theme and in my head I have been referring to it as a "horticultural outpost". I really like this room but it will require so many plants.

    So. Many. Plants.

    The random bit of piping on the wall are the building blocks of a wall-mounted hydroponics system. I'm particularly happy about the "greenhouse" framing which was a happy accident - just seeing what would happen if I added a subsurf modifier under a wireframe modifier.

    Here's an example of the hydroponics system iRL. I wish I had a yard because I would love to try this!