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CG Cookie Community Sci-fi Room Challenge

Low Poly Room ✅

Sci-fi Crate            ✅

Sci-fi Door             ✅

Bring them together to create a Sci-fi Room

Take this challenge to use the knowledge from Fundamentals of Mesh Modelling and if you wish the Animated Sci-fi Game Environment Creation courses!! All here on CG Cookie!!

What - Sci-fi Room
     When - September 6th 2021 - September 26th 2021
     Why - To challenge yourself and have Fun

The Challenge: Create a Sci-fi Room in Blender
A Room, be it the bridge of USS Enterprise, or Mos Eisley Cantina, as long as their is a sci-fi element.
From Avatar to Guardians of the Galaxy to Star Wars to Zardoz (1974 film, not seen it myself, but Sean Connery is in it).
The future is now, its time to create a Sci-fi room. Create a room in any sci-fi style you like, be it Mad Max or The Matrix,

"You must choose. But choose wisely, as the true grail will bring you life, and the false grail will take it from you"

 - Grail Knight, Indiana Jones and the last crusade 


  • Use Blender
  • All models are your own creation - No 3rd party models
  • Submit your result to the CG Cookie Gallery by September 26th 2021  23:59 US CST

You are encouraged to create a WIP thread in the community forum for review with the title Sci-fi room Challenge 2021 WIP - [Name].
Your WIP thread should consist of progressive images with a short explanation of the process at each stage.
When you post your result in the Gallery, add a link to your WIP in the description so the judges can easily find it.

Why a Challenge - "The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is" - Yoda
A challenge rather than a contest because its for you to challenge yourselves and the knowledge you gained from a course to create a masterpiece of your own making. A rules based challenge to maintain consistency and fairness, whilst also maintaining safety to prevent accidents. A challenge to be the best you can be from the knowledge you have today, while striving to be even better tomorrow than you was yesterday. Most importantly, a challenge to have some fun.

How we'll rate your Sci-fi Room scene.
The CG Cookie crew Wes, Kent, Lampel and Wayne will review and pick 4 Sci-fi Room Scenes - entries to include a WIP thread.

The 4 picks get:-

  • Featured across the Gallery for an entire week
  • Shared on CG Cookie's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the artist's social media accounts tagged
  • 500XP points

Make sure to add your social media handles to your profile.

Fundamentals of Mesh Modelling Course

Animated Sci-fi Game Environment Creation Course