Martijn Somhorst (somers80)

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THE dot - what is it ?

So, now i see this: a dot in the object in the bottom right corner. Deleting this one deletes the object, What is it, what do i do with it, should i do something with it? Offcourse i can start over and see if i can make the shape again without this dot, but than i would not know what i did wrong obviously... :) thnx 

  • crew

    Hey somers80

    That will be the object origin, moving the object (verts) in edit mode does not move the origin point.

    I don't think it will be an issue for this project. When adding objects try and put the 3D cursor where you want the object or move the object into position in object mode.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • As Adrian said, it's the object origin. Generally speaking, it's the point around which all object transforms occur. I say generally speaking because there are other settings that can affect this behavior at times but you'll probably recognize those when you get to that point.

    If you wish to move the origin point you can do so in Object Mode > Object > Set Origin and pick the appropriate option. "Origin to Geometry" is probably the most basic and will typically result in transforms being more predictable.

  • thanx! That helps ;)