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CTR Mirror on the Y-axis not working as suppose to

I followed @Jonathan Lampel instruction in edge modelling cartoon head, pt 5. 

I selected, hit Control M on the Y-axis, and the flipped it weird ( see the pic below) at the end I had to selected it and pull them in to the effect on the second picture, and for same reason it loops weird to me, does it? 

  • Your eyeballs are probably rotated, maybe something like this:

    so that mirroring along the Y-axis doesn't work as you would like.

    If you have rotated the Sphere in Object Mode, you can fix it by pressing ALT+R to re-set the rotation and then rotate 90° around the X-axis again, but if you accidentally rotated in Edit Mode, it is probably the best to delete the eyeball and start with a new UV-Sphere.