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Problem with Backface Culling

jlampel I tried to create a new blender file and a new default cube. How do you make backface culling visible in render mode? It turned out the face walls block the views from all sides. Backface culling is only visible in solid mode. 😞

I don't wanna use your startup file low poly bedroom. I wanna create my own. 😊

  • Took me a few hours to figure out what's happening to the default cube that won't become invisible. 

    I gotta create three separate objects, window, upper corner, and lower corner.
    1. So each objects' normal face should be flipped.
    2. Turned on backface culling
    3. Click on the lower corner and make it invisible by turning off its camera visibility while the upper corner remains visible.

    Took me a while to play around with the lighting and the material. So the final result I get this.

  • This time I tried in blender 2.79 version. I'm gonna finish up modeling the low poly room soon.

  • crew

    Nice, glad you got it working. Good luck modeling!