what is the difference. . . ?

Hallo Wayne

This might not exactly belong here but what is the difference between "Edit Mode" and "Edit" in this Pie Menu? I see that once the "E" is underlined and once the "d" ...

I am in Object Mode 

thank you for clarify so much

  • crew

    Do you have some add-on enabled that changes your pie menus?

    I can see you have a different theme enabled so you might also have something else that changes things from the default behaviour.
    (That is not the normal pie menu)

    Sorry I can't fully answer your question.
    But I can tell you why the different letter is underlined. That is Blender telling you what key you can press to enable that option.
    Take a look around in all the menus, you will see the same thing. Simply press that key that is underlined and it will choose that option.
    Same thing with the numbers 4, 8, 6.  Although that is the direction on the numpad that corresponds with the direction on the pie menu.

  • ahh yes. I also have boxcutter, HardOps and other Addons active. this might cause my confusion....

    thank you for your quick answer. 

    Just curious, if you are in the States, aren't you suposed to be in bed an sleeping. ☺



  • crew

    It's getting close to bed time, but I am not in the States.

    I am in Australia.
    It's a weird island near the bottom of the world.