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Animaton cgcookie flow

Hi waylow , I saw a while ago some bad feedback about this course on this platform and I couldn’t understand, since I find your teaching method really good and you put lots of exercises step by step, which is awesome.

 I think it probably comes more from how the flow is structured. Here you quickly jump into showing the rigs, but I feel this hasn’t been introduced, as the squash and strech concepts. When I click on the fundamentals course linked on the description here, it goes to a different (i guess older) fundamentals course, which does seem to have many videos with titles on these topics. Anyway, I am sure I will manage anyway, because I like to spend time figuring things out anyway, but I wanted to point that out because I saw that review that seemed unfair to me and maybe can be improved by clarifying this.

while i am at it, i saw there is a long “fundamentals of rigging” course not part of the flow. Would you say it is best to do it before the rigging part of this flow later on? (I am still far from it clearly but I like planning my own flow for the upcoming months hehe)

Thank you!


  • crew

    Thanks for the kind words, Feferico!
    Ahh I see, it took me a while to figure out what you where saying.

    But the description links to the super old course.  Thanks for the heads up!

    As for the Fundamentals of Rigging.

    I think you might be referring to the super old course titled the same thing, yeah?
    The older courses are meant to be renamed but sometimes links get forgotten.
    I happen to think that one is outdated mainly because the mechanical part of the course teaches some bad concepts.

    (A 'Rig' in Blender should not be a bunch of empties connected together - this is non usable in production)

    Kent's section of the course still holds up though!

    I am not in control of the 'flows' here on cgc but I would start with the newer Rigging course and then if you see any other content on here that uses empties, you will have the knowledge to be able to do exactly the same thing with bones.  (which is usable in production)

    Hope that all makes sense.

    • Thank you for your answer. 

      I realise now that I could have added some links to the courses I mentioned, my bad! But I'm glad you found what I meant.

      For the rigging intro i meant this one from you https://cgcookie.com/course/fundamentals-of-rigging-in-blender-course . Is not in the animation flow but it looked interesting :). I saw now the rigging part in the old fundamentals of animation course out of curiosity and I see what you mean about the empties.

      Thanks for your time and for the heads up about rigging. I will continue with the bootcamp :).

    • crew

      Oh, I thought you could edit flows as well. In any case, I just added the Fundamentals of Rigging to the fundamentals flow and the run cycle to the animation flow.  If it's in the wrong spot in the flow you should be able to edit it in admin under Content > Flows.