issue with the layers

I don't know why you have  only one object (Rig) in your view layer... no matter how I create Bones, it shows as Armature Armature.001 Armature.002 etc..

when I move them (Edit Mode) to a different Layer I don't have the ring Symbols in the layers... only can see the active Layer

Bones dissapear and only the origin point is visible....

I am totaly confused what is going on here

Is 2.93 different now?

thank you

  • Hi Martin, add your first Armature (Single Bone) and then go into Edit Mode.

    Then you can add new Bones, but they will be part of that Armature (Object). No new Armatures will appear in the Outliner.

    It is the same as with Meshes; if you have your default Cube in Object mode and then add another Cube, that will become Cube.001,

    but when you are in Edit Mode and Add a Cube, you will only have one Object (Cube), athough that consists of two Cubes.