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Where are the "bevels" ?

Not a single one in the entire video ^^.
But seriously, why do the majority of Blender users call chamfers, and even fillets - which are round for christ's sake - "bevel"?
It's been a while but I remember clearly that in Maya 2010 I had a chamfer tool and various types of fillets.
A bevel-free environment. Now I see ppl in YT videos design things in Fusion, FreeCad and whatnot, where they talk about chamfers and fillets .... then they click export, jump into Blender and all of a sudden everything becomes a "bevel".
English is not my first language and I'm new to Blender, so ... am I missing something here?
Because it's driving nuts.

  • I am not a native English speaker either and I don't know what a chamfer or a fillet is, but when you enable Mesh Tools, you get those words back if you miss them:

    As far as I can see, they all do basically the same thing...

    Don't let a naming  convention drive you nuts ;)

  • crew

    I think it all becomes a 'bevel' in Blender vocabulary because they are all done using the bevel tool or the bevel modifier. It's easy to call the result of the tool the same thing as the tool. But, it would have been helpful to talk about chamfers and fillets in the video so I'll plan to do that next time.