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Problems with poly/resolution and roughness on parts of models using Relative dytopo

I having some Issues Regarding the "Roughness" of my model

I Also have problems trying to generate smooth details and preventing losing said

What are the ways to smooth the roughness in relative details dyntopo ?

  • crew

    Hey vvoxteldrake

    I am by no means a sculpting expert, I would suggest use the smooth brush with a fairly low strength (maybe 0.2), the dyntopo settings detail size lower (maybe 6), and use subdivide edges. To get in those tight areas around the eye, I would zoom in close with a small brush to keep the shape.

    As I said I'm no expert, but theluthier maybe able to add some tips.

  • relative detail I find to be a slippery slope in that as you change the zoom and work closer to your model

    the level of detail changes and it looks to me that is part of your difficulty

    I personally prefer to change it to constant detail and change the resolution by hand

    hope it helps