Auryn Beorn (auryn-beorn)

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About the "Available" keyset

When doing this exercise I proceeded similarly, I think, to the looping ball exercise:

- In frame 1, I set the auto keying set to Location, insert a keyframe with the object in 0,0,0

- I delete the Location Y channel in the graph editor (select channel, X to delete).

- I change the auto keying set to Available, click the Auto Keying button to activate it, move the square to the left top corner using the G key and CTRL to snap, for easy positioning.

When I do this, it inserts not just the X and Z location values, but it also inserts the Y location, the 3 rotation channels and the 3 scale channels. I removed them by hand, but why did this happen? What did I miss?

Oh I forgot to say: I'm using Blender 2.92.

Thanks in advance.