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need a pointer for my rig

You're right, bendy bones are awesome ... but are they a valid choice for my rig?

I'm trying to rig wings.
I've watched the rigging portion of Kent Trammell's short film character production course, and it's exactly the setup I want. In addition to IK-FK blending he also used an IK spline to make the wings more bendy and cartoony when desired. Perfect for my cartoon character.
But now I'm wondering if I could use bendy deformation bones instead of the additional spline IK and simply add a driver to "ease in/out", and switch between realistic wing and "feathered tentacle" that way.
But how would I make the feathers' root bones follow the shape of a b-bone? The spline approach provides a ton of bones/joints to directly parent them to .... but there's no way to directly use a b-bone's segments, right? Would armature constraints work?