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Needing a moral boost

Hello fellows,

I'm just returning back to blender after a nearly 5 months break. So now that I have the time again to do some character sculpting I'm in some kind of a "low". There is a character I've been working on for weeks before I had to take a break and now I don't get myself to work on this again.
The big problem is that I can't motivate myself, kind of dragging my feet here. There is still so much to do but I just can't get to the point where I stop starring at it at actually start working. To me it feels kind of like beeing afraid to goof this character after I've already put so much time and effort in it.

If somebody knows how to tackle this problem, it would be very very nice if you help me out here.

Best regards,

  • Hi Tobles.

    I don't know if this will help you, because everybody is different, but this is what I do in cases like that (yes, you are not alone!):

    Start from scratch with a different character.

    This will avoid any blockage you have with the other character and give a new motivation boost.

    Furthermore, the work you have already done is not lost! At least it is experience and maybe you will get back to it and finish that character later, when you have even more experience and feel more confident.

    • @Spikeyxxx,

      that idea seems good to me! I would never have thought of this. Defenetly giving it a try tomorrow I guess :D

  • crew

    I definitely know how that feels! It can be hard to start again after such a long break and especially if it was at a point where you previously got stuck. I'm experiencing that right now on an unrelated non-blender project. Starting from scratch like Spikey suggested might do the trick! Even if you do want/need to finish this character in particular, it would be helpful to warm up with a smaller project or something else before diving back in. Good luck!

    • Hey jlampel,

      that's a real relief, knowing this kind of problem happens to skilled professionals as well. It's good that you mention to do a smaller project. I was thinking about doing a little bust to get back on the tracks, but on second thought, I wasn't sure if this "small" project would be a good idea. Now as this is clarified I will go and dive right in!

  • Great suggestions from the other guys already in here!  

    I often get in the similar position as you ttobles - my workload ramps up at certain points in the year and I just don't find the time or energy to carry on with some of my 3D projects - and end up leaving them for way too long!

    I'd also say go for something smaller, and simple just so you can 'complete' something, that should definitely get you rolling again. 

    I also find on larger projects it helps me if I take a work in progress shot at the end of each session, no matter how small the changes are - that helps me feel like I am still making progress. Kind of like a "leave it in a better state than I found it" mentality if that makes any sense! 

    • Thanks beefkeef, I will definitely keep that "leave it in a better state" in my mind. Seems like a good way to see some progress to keep morale up!!!

  • Hey guys,

    just a little screenshot to prove that I really did what I told.
    It's a little bust project that I dove in to do some block-out with sculpting and stuff. (This is a WiP) :D



  • all good suggestions on how to keep motivated so far...

    I would add to the list that if "fear of messing it up" is what keeps you from moving forward...

    make a copy of the model or entire file and keep the original as is and jump in and experiment on the copy

    if you don't like the new result you can return to the original and start the process over again...

    this way you never lose the progress you have made until you trade it for the "something better" that was already mentioned

    hope this is helpful

    • Hello me1958424 ,

      I think that is a good suggestion to overcome the general fear of messing it up. My case of fear was more about not beeing able to find in the "old" style I had which would make the model look awkward.
      Still I like to mention that it's the best way to work on a project in my opinion! For now I will do that bust sculpting and after I've finished it I will go back to that previous character and continue the work on that one. (of course using that save and reload option you suggested ;) )