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My attempt + quick attempt at hair

Here is my attempt at creating the character shown in the videos!

Creating characters was the main reason I decided to get into 3D art. I had a good time working through this section of the course, and I hope to get better with more  time and practice.

I quickly added in hair after learning how, so I know there is more work to be done to make that look right. Is there anything that you would recommend to make this model look better?

  • crew

    Excellent work tterrareef , topology looks good, hair looks good too. Be careful with the hair line at the top of the forehead (where the hair intersects with the head). I would suggest the strand of hair on her right side could be a little further forward, so both sides are more symmetrical. Although its a cartoon style, little things will still look odd, Unless its a deliberate character feature, then you would want it to be more extreme in a cartoon style.

    I'm sure you are looking forward to theluthier 's new course he has been working on for over a year. Keep an eye out for that, Its gonna be awesome.

  • crew

    That turned out really well! Nice job tterrareef :) 

    Oh, and if you add hair you might want to add some eyebrows since those help make the eyes look a lot more relaxed.