irritations on the wall

Good Day

For some reason I have irritations on the wall and on the columns.... (who knows where else)

They even come through the perforatet plates. No matter wich nodes I turn on or off or on wich I make changes.... it has no effect.

the scales are all good, if I enlarge the perforatet plates it has an effect unless they are oversized. (on the last picture you can see it shine through.

After all it could look like damp walls but it is not what I want after all... my ocd says go away... 

Does anybody have an idea....

Thank you

  • Hi Martin,  could you provide a link to your .blend file?

    Looks like shadows to me, but I can't tell what's causing that from your screenshots....

    • Okay, I can't really test it, because the scene is too heavy for my computer, but the problem is (I think) that your Irradiance Volume is too dense, or too be more precise: there are light probes inside your columns and below the floor and above the ceiling and so on. This causes the shadowy artefacts. (I've tested it without all the complex Shaders and they were still there).

      I don't use Eevee myself if I can avoid it, but  jlampel explains it really well in the Fundamentals of lighting.

    • crew

      I managed to open your scene, it is pretty heavy (582 mb) , spikeyxxx is correct, it's your irradiance volume, the size of the inner box should be only a fraction larger than the room. Yours is too large, you don't want any probes outside the room. I would also reduce the Z probes to about 6 max, and try reducing the X and Y also, Don't follow Kent exactly, this type of setup is hardware dependent, I used 30 probes X and Y, and I think 5 or 6 for Z. 

    • Thank you very much. 

      I also thought that over 500mb is pretty big and unusual. 

      Will make the changes. Thank you for your help.