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CG Cookie Community Challenges

The new home for CG Cookie Challenges โ˜•๐Ÿช

All CG Cookie challenges will now be easily accessible to everyone.

When you complete a course, you might like to tackle a project to test the knowledge you have gained, challenges are the best way to do this.

Here you will find all current and past challenges, so even if you wish to take part in a challenge that has expired you can still post a WIP thread to receive feedback and ask questions, and post a final render in the Gallery to reap the glory and satisfaction of completing a project.

Why Challenges ๐Ÿ†

A challenge rather than a contest because its for you to challenge yourself and the knowledge you gained from a course to create a masterpiece of your own making.

A rules-based challenge to maintain consistency and fairness, whilst also maintaining safety to prevent accidents.

A challenge to be the best you can be from the knowledge you have today while striving to be even better tomorrow than you was yesterday.

Most importantly, a challenge to have someย fun.ย 

Live Challenge

GIF(t) Challenge Part 1 (Christmas) - Ends 23:59 US CST - 17th December 2021


Upcoming Challenges

GIF Challenge Part 2 (New Year) - December 2021

Previous Challenges


Low Poly Space Station - July 2021 - Winners


Summer Fun - August 2021 - Winners


Sci-fi Room - September 2021 - Winners


Halloweenย -ย Ends All Hallows' Eve 2021 -ย Winners

31st October 2021