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How do I bridge the two ends of a pipe?

I rewatched the video multiple times and followed the exact same steps as shown in the video (I have blender version 2.81) and I am unable to bridge/loft the two ends together.

  • crew

    You need to enable the Loop Tools addon which is included with Blender. Then with both sets of border edges selected, you right click in edit mode go to Loop Tools > Bridge.

    If that doesn't work, what happens or what error / warning are you receiving?

    • I have enabled loop tools, and I click on bridge after selecting the ends I want to connect. When I select the two ends of the pipe to bridge together, the menu about the number of segments etc. pops up but the two ends aren't connected.

    • Hi pprakruti this doesn't work, because those two pipe ends are separate Objects. Bridging only works within one Object.

      Go into Object Mode, with those two pipe ends still selected press CTRL+J to join them into one Object ane then you can go back into Edit Mode and try again.

    • thank you!!

  • There is another way: CTRL+E > Bridge Edge Loops, that has a few different options:

    Although I do recommend to have LoopTools always enabled!