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Question - geometry nodes grid points

Need some geometry nodes help!!

I'm trying to place some items in a grid formation, but don't want them too exact. I'm looking to add a very small amount of randomisation in the x and y directions, so the lines aren't perfectly straight.

I've currently got a set-up below using a grid input - is there a way of moving the individual points of a grid (I can only seem to move the whole grid)?

Or should I set up each row as a line, and translate the point of each line?

Or some other way??!!

  • Ok, so I've found a solution, but it's far from elegant. Basically, create a series of lines, and join them all up:

    Please let me know if you can think of a more efficient solution!

  • Hi Tom.

    That is indeed not a very elegant solution;)

    I'd probably do something like this:

    So basically your first idea, but using a random Vector, not a float, to move in X- and Y direction independently and set it to Add and change the position Attrbute of the Grid points.

  • Omg of course! So simple! Thank you so much - I had gone down a rabbit hole convincing myself I needed to to use "point" nodes, and finding each point's xyz.

    Perfect, thank you!