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CLWard Blender Progress

Primitive Snowman Exercise

  • crew

    Hey christopherward ,

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Blender progress.

    It's a good idea to post your progress to help with your learning curve. You can look back over your work and see your progress as well as receive feedback and tips.

    First tip, post an image of your work with a short note on the lessons you learnt and what you thought went well and not so well.

    Good luck on your Blender journey. 👍

    • thanks man.   i have the rocket animation from that tutorial too, but its too large to post i think.   how do you level up?

    • crew

      If you upload your completed rocket animation to a free account on YouTube and post it here, paste the link using the little chain link icon.

      This one:

      You will level up when your XP reaches the next target to level up. You can gain XP by being active in the community, answer questions, give some 🧡 , in the community forum and gallery, and consuming lots of cookies 🍪. Check out your dashboard to see how you doing.