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data PROBLEM in blender 2.8

Hi, i tried linking many objects to one source objects,

it worked using ctrl L..

but the other objects rotates to match the rotation of the original source object

How can i prevent this


  • crew

    Hi ssageart ,

    Did you apply the rotation (CTRL + A > Rotation) to all the objects?

    There are  very rare occasions when you want to apply the rotation or location. The scale is the only one you want to apply.

    • thanks for the reply

      yes i did
      i even applied all the loc,rot and scale but they keep rotating to the original object

    • crew

      You shouldn’t apply the rotation and location hardly ever. 

    • ssageart exactly, that is what adrian2301 is saying: do not Apply the Rotation (or the Location)!

      Here's two Cubes, rotated differently (in Object Mode!):

      Look at the Position of the Vertices!

      Now see what happens when you Apply the Rotation of both:

      And then Link the Object Data (the Position of the Vertices get 'Linked', i.e: become the same):

      It is a confusing thing to grasp, at first (and hard to explain), but you will need to understand this and you will, with time!

    • so in short, applying their rotation will make them rotate to the source object

    • crew

      Correct and applying the location they will jump to the same location as the source object 

    • i know this is weird but is there any way to undo apply rotation?

    • is there any way to undo apply rotation?

      ssageart apart from CTRL+Z, no.! 

      That is why it is important to not Apply the Rotation, unless you have a good reason to do so.

      Look at it this way:

      Any Object has an Origin, that shows as an orange dot, but is in fact a 'personal' Coordinate system for that Object, with an  X-, Y- and Z- axis. When you rotate an Object in Object Mode, You are actually rotating the Object Origin's axes. And if you then scale on the (local) Y- axis by 2, for instance, the Object Data (where are the Vertices of this Object) doesn't change, but a step in the Y direction will be twice as long as a step int the X-, or Z- direction:

    • is there any way to undo apply rotation?

      well, there are a few ways actually, but they are close to a nightmare and really not beginner's friendly ;)