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Cannot Find Same Insert Keyframe Option

Hello, I'm at 6:41 where the insert keyframe: rotation is done. Despite looking at the keymap shortcuts under preferences, it's not showing up when hitting I or shift + I. This option in the image is the only option similar to the video. But there's no "rotation" option when selecting it. Am I missing something? I'm in version 2.81.

When starting up a new 2D animation workspace, I was able to see the same menu, but I'm not sure why in the Melvin workspace it's giving me "keying set failed to insert any keyframes" error.

  • crew

    Hi vvioletcrystal ,

    You don't get the option in the Key menu.

    Make sure the mouse is in the 3d view and press the 'I' key.

    • I was pressing the 'I' key. But the error I mentioned above shows every time.

    • crew

      Make sure that you don't have the "Available" keying set active until you set your first keyframe.

      That one will only add keys to existing channels.

      Try removing the keying set, or hover your mouse over the attribute that you changed and press I.

      That will key the bbone bend, or the rotation, or whatever you tell it to.

      (Then once it has some channels to add keyframes to, the 'availible' keying set will do what you expect)

      Hope that makes sense.