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Séb's progress

Box exercise

Exercice extrusion, loopcuts and subdivide (with already some  texturing)

Primitives exercise - icy ice cream sales man -> this actually helped me alot thinking about: what is the simplest form / way to create a result.  Overcomplication is often the enemy of motivation and time.

  • crew

     Nice work slenaerts , Keep posting your work on your modelling journey, write some notes and ask for feedback, it will help you greatly with the learning process. Also check out the community forum occasionally, look at other peoples work and see if you can learn anything or how you may have done things differently.

    Look forward to seeing your progress.

  • This one I like to call Hangman goes therapy.   Done after my exercise submission as extra warm-up.

     I'm struggling with the required level of detail of such a low poly render: When I see other people's work all elements look very identifiable.  Whereas I feel the added detail (printer and desk lamp ) seem to be distracting and making it harder to see.  Should I take smaller portions of the room and increase the relative size of everything?  I'm not sure. I'll keep on testing though.

  • Playing around with more complex shape transitions, trying to get the topology as smooth as possible.  Still some issues around some forms

    around the eyes specially

    I get these irregularities and not sure how to polish them out.  

    adding edge loops seem to increase those imperfections.  how would you go around fixingthis?

    • Check out this tutorial by Josh Gambrell:


      He explains it really well.

    • @slenaearts Shrinkwrapping this part of the mesh  around the eyes to a cylinder without holes would help. The "Hard Surface" modeling tutorials by Josh Gambrell are really excellent!

  • You just have to keep adjusting vertices until the shape looks right . I think the eyes look fine, at the distance people will view it from they won't notice minor imperfections, unless they're looking for them.

  • Creating some low poly visuals for a slide deck at a client.  Still some tweaking and detailing to do, but I'm starting to like the result.

  • Chapter Lighting a bedroom with Blender; Trying to make the sunset while I'm brushing my teeth atmosphere.

    First I tried with a sunset image, but I felt the way the sun reflected on the clouds did not make any sense

    I put the same image as a world background and suddenly the angles seem more believable.  I'm not sure though if the sharpness of the shadows are correct.  Should it be more sharp or not.  In this image the bathroom light is too discrete.

    I'm not sure where the white/blue color on the window sides is coming from, given the color temp, I would expect it to be yellowish as well like the wall.  

    Below I increased the bathroom light value a bit.  The bedlight seems a bit too shiny, but since it is in a corner where the sunlight doesn't reach, maybe it is believable.   jlampel,  What would you do different in these renders? I must admit, this is quite challenging as it seems you can be off by miles just by a tiny change.   

    • crew

      Small changes really do make a difference! It's way too easy to get lost tweaking values. 

      Nice work on these! I'd say #3 is the strongest. One thing you could do to help with the light from the bathroom is move it left or right so that it doesn't line up perfectly with the bed sheet and and potentially increase the values just a little so that there's a nice rectangle of light spilling across the bed and wall. Aside from that I would increase the strength of the sunset a bit as well, which will in turn bounce more light around the room. While it might not seem very bright in person, I bet it would still seem more powerful than the lamp. 

      Hope that helps!

    • It does look better! thanksfor the tips !

    • Tweaking all these values and positioning the light sources is really an art by itself! Good job, slenaerts 😀👍! I personally would just say that the lamp in the corner is a little bit too dark when looking at the its light bouncing back from the left wall.

    • crew

      That would be because of the light from the bathroom duerer I think.

    • duerer, I was hesitating at first, but with the bathroom light entering right on top of this light, it reduces the translucency.  If I crank up the light, then it gets out of balance again.  The fact that both you and Adrian are not sure, means that I should have redirected the bathroom light somewhat more to the right, as it then removes the ambiguity (while keeping a clear path for light entering the opposite side of the room).  It'll be still a bit off for sure, but I guess my choices create confusion and that is something I need to be more aware of.   

      On that note, is there some kind of search engine that you know of for light setup and references based on an atmosphere, time of day,... you want to recreate? (with some more explanation)