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Mapping Node Scaling


in the texture coordinates video you changed the scale of the texture in Mapping node of all three axis (xyz) at the same time. How do you do that? Holding shift did not work for me...

  • crew

    If you click the x value and drag down to the z value you can enter the same value in all three at the same time 

    • Thank you - that worked. I don't think that is what was done in a video though (all three values were gradually increasing, as if the slider was dragged, not entered the value) , but it's better than my old approach - entering scale for each coordinate manually. 

      Thank you for the response!

    • aanavel Adrian is absolutely right, but there is an 'extension of that; click and drag along the values that you want to change simultaneuosly vertically and then keep your mouse button pressed down and drag horizontally to change the values...

      Does that make sense?

    • It absolutely does! Thank you so much! I would never be able to figure it out myself! :)