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The problem with the formation of the eyelids

Hello) Thanks for the great course and detailed explanations at every step) 
I am having problems with the formation of the eyelids. No matter how I twisted, pushed or pulled, they are still flat, not voluminous. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

  • I would add an extra loop cut and pull the cut outwards to make a smooth puffy effect when ss is enabled

    • Yes, that's a good idea. I'm just wondering why the eyelid effect on the video turned out without an additional loop (I repeated all the loops after Jonathan almost exactly :)  

    • crew

      I was going to suggest the same, adding another edge loop, maybe also bring the upper part of the eyelid in a little so it doesn't look so flat. And the more I look perhaps in the corner of the eye next to the nose, bring it in a little. It's all a bit of vert massaging until your happy. 

    • schunja To me the eyeballs seem to sit too far back in the skull. I agree with the suggestion to add an additional loopcut in the eyelids but I would  also add one more around the eyelids for a better definition there.

    • duerer Ok, I'll try to fix it) This seems to be true) 

      P.S. Yes! It looks like this was the problem .

      adrian2301  Now I'm doing massage to the vertices)  

      qquartzbone   All the tips came in handy. Thanks everyone for the help  <3

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    • Oh, thanks, spikeyxxx ) I just had problems with this, and I did not understand why)

  • crew

    Everyone gave good advice! Even in my model, the eyelids are a bit flat and don't entirely match the eyes. I think the vertices that make up the top of the edge loops are just more rounded from top view than yours.