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Why use standard ? isnt that very old color space ?

Why use standard ? isnt that very old color space ?

  • 'Old color space' ????

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, I didn't mean it that way, but Troy Sobotka's  'Hitchhiker's Guide to digital colour' is a must read ;)

    • Thank you, but I meant filmic is the new one. the " improved one" i guess

    • Oh you mean this the guy, the one that keep fighting with people in the dev talk forums about the aces integrations. Yeah, you should see that post before recommending me this guy. lol.

    • Some people might not like his tone, but he has great knowledge!

      (And filmic and standard are not color spaces....)

    • crew

      When filmic came out everyone freaked out about it being objectively the best color space to work with. I've tried it a lot, especially with it being default, but most of the time the render feels off to me and I opt to go back to the standard color space.

      Troy is, well, blunt to say the least, but Spikey is right that he appears to be extremely knowledgeable. Getting filmic accepted and ported to other render tech is evidence enough of this.

      But I personally don't care primarily about tools that are deemed scientifically "best" by the smartest people in the room. Primarily I want my render to be the most appealing to my eye. Standard seems to do that more often than filmic for me. If filmic does that more often for you, keep it that way!

  • Thank you guys! I really hope they make something better than filmic instead of fighting in the forums. And im big fan Kent, i like all tutorials of yours. I learnt from you not only how to make certain courses, but also how to do research and how to approach creating art in general. Any chance of course on product photography  lighting, it seems not covered on cgc? thank you!