Baking Time for Indirect Lighting in EEVEE compared to Cycles Render Time

theluthier the highest quality "Indirect Lighting Bake" with EEVEE shown in the video took about an hour. What time would an image need for rendering in Cycles with approximately the same amount of indirect light? 

PS: It's fun to see EEVEE baking the "Indirect Lighting":

I had to switch to 2.92.0 since 2.93 Alpha crashed when trying to bake even with the low default resolution (see bug report here)

  • crew

    The only comparable data I have is the HDRI I baked from this environment that I used to illuminate the backhoe model. It rendered with Cycles (since only Cycles supports equirectangular rendering) in about 45 minutes if I remember correctly.

    But that's for one frame only! Rendering an animation sequence with Cycles would take ~45 min per frame where Eevee's one-time-bake renders in minutes per frame.