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Vector in -> Vector out version of Scattershot ...

Amazing add-on Johnathan. I posted a question, but I think I might have been tampering with some settings I should not have. Would it be possible to have another (simpler) version of the setup that could just take in and manipulate the mapping vector? I am using a couple of material libraries, and most of the time I would just like to "un-tile" them a bit, and the texture maps of some material libraries are often set up in intricate ways to add customization options, and not that easy to manipulate all coresponding texture maps at the same time . A version that takes in a vector and outputs a manipulated vector. Probably not easy or even possible to get all the features in like that in a reasonable way, but would be nice to have a simpler version with the detiling features and maybe edge blur and cellshape ... I thought I could change out the method used in the dropdown since most of them started with SS - , but I guess all but the main one is only supossed to work internaly... I have been using uberMapper from Poliigon, and would love to see a version of Scattershot with similar setup.

Edit: I realised I probably should be able to recreat something  similar myself by just stoping at about 30 min of the video <palm_face> but i think it would be nice to have as an option in the add-on anyway :)