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Where can I Download the CraneArm UI?

At 7:54 Mark, you describe and show the crane arm UI python script. Is this something that I have to do myself or can I download this somewhere?

Nevermind! It's part of the Downloaded Material 08-crane-arm blender file.

  • crew

    You should see 3 icons on the course or lesson page, 

    Click the middle cloud icon, this will then show the course files you can download. click the file to download. once download is complete the zip file will be in your downloads folder on your computer or where ever you save downloads. you can now unzip this file, I suggest you extract the files to a new folder , not the downloads folder. I have a folder named CGC_source_files. You will now find each of the chapters start files here which you can open in blender.

  • crew

    Glad you figured it out Sharky!

    And nice circle work Bellsy!